updating to the latest version of XAMMP

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updating to the latest version of XAMMP

Postby hwalker1 » 21. December 2014 22:05

I am running various versions of XAMMP on three machines. Each has a different version of Windows and Xammp on it.
I need to update each machine to the latest version of Xammp for windows 8.1 but can find no information on how to do it without deleting my databases etc.
Having spent over a year updating all my websites from 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 to5.6.14 I am loath to update Xammp as I fear that doing so would overwrite my current system and leave me back at square one. Currently I get error notices on line as the mysql server libraries are differrent to mine.
I have never changed any of the default php or mysql ini files.
I propose to proceed as follows:
1. Dump all my sql files as a back up
2. Rename the XAMMP directory as XAMMPOLD
3. Install the new version as downloaded from the web.
4.Copy the XAMMPOLD httdocs web site files to the new XAMMP httpdocs folder,
5.Import the sql dumps into my databases
6. Hopefully test out my new system in Dreamweaver
7. Upload them to the web and hope that they will work.

Have I missed anything or should this work.
Comments appreciated.
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