myphpadmin taking to long

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myphpadmin taking to long

Postby artoo_s » 10. December 2014 04:35

I have installed XAMPP on a 32Gig Flash drive and from time to time while using myphpadmin, and clicking on browse, I get an error saying that the execution time has exceeded the maximum limit. I have aprox 1300 entries in the table that has just 4 fields. There is a id field that is int(11), a date field and two varchar fields with a max of 60. I haven't noticed much of a delay while running the website and accessing the database. I haven't noticed any performance problems when I click on and perform searches and queries form the tabs, it seems most of the problems I have had is when I click on the browse tab.

I am running all of the default installation settings, and only other program running other then the browser is Notepad++ to code the PHP pages.
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