use of XAMPP in education

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use of XAMPP in education

Postby jazzy123 » 22. November 2014 18:06


I'm pretty new to all this stuff so i'm still trying to get to grips with all the language and everything, but basically i'm trying to set up a 'test server' and a 'sandbox' environment for my university and i'm having difficulties with how to do this.

I have been looking at XAMPP and i've realised that this is ideal for using as a test server and FTPing with FileZilla, but will this be accessible for multiple users? i.e a class of university students? They are needing it to upload their test codes to a server and be able to run it and see how it works and XAMPP is the best solution i have found but can't seem to work out if its useable for multiple users? and then how would a Sandbox then connect to this?

Sorry for the lots of questions, I hope someone is able to provide me with an answer or point me in the right direction!

Thank you in advance,

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