error message : the address wasn't understood

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error message : the address wasn't understood

Postby mokennon » 21. November 2014 17:23

in one of my websites, the entry page asks for a password using a cgi-form which sends the entry to a program called pass1.cgi. that program compares the entry with an entry in the database of passwords. i get an error:The address wasn't understood.
when i click on the icon to the left of the address, i get more info:

this website does not supply ownership information
connection not encrypted

the questions now are:
what should be the address of the the database to be consulted inside the pass1.cgi program? or is there a problem with "post" as it is in iis?
how do i supply ownership info?
how do i make sure the connection is encrypted?

the second question leads me to ask in general
how do i set permissions for my website?

can anyone help?
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