Help with Vhost

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Help with Vhost

Postby coolcatkelso » 20. November 2014 13:41

Hi guys

I setup xamp years ago as a home server (I know it's not recommened)

I have 3 hosts working via No-IP I have no issues with access

I have just purchased a new Top Level Domain RGRoofing.UK from 1and1, I have renamed the DNS to Afriad.Org Servers, I think that it is what I needed?

I have setup my Vhost file to accept the new domain and the Hosts in windows.

If I type: in the address on the server machine, I can see my own index page (Says Hello)
If I type : I get a welcome to Page

If I access on any other pc, I get the Afraid Welcome Page and same with

I assume I have a setting somewhere that isn't setup correctly, but I have never used Xamp with a real domain
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Re: Help with Vhost

Postby gsmith » 20. November 2014 19:26

I get a blue login page for Ridge & Gable Roofing for both.
DNS just takes time to propagate.
You do not need to add anythong to your hosts file in windows.
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