Issues copying file(s) on install

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Issues copying file(s) on install

Postby kevinjt » 17. November 2014 02:59

Maybe someone can help. I just tried to install XAMMP on WIndows 8.1 using xampp-win32-1.8.3-5-VC11-installer. I deselected everything I could except MySQL and PHP. When I try and install I get a message "There has been an error. Error copying file. the application will exit now."

The only way to avoid this is to not include MySQL as part of the install. However, then I'm stuck without MySQL. Does anyone know how to either get around this issue or whether I can/how to later install MySQL separately such that it'll show up in the XAMMP console?

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Re: Issues copying file(s) on install

Postby bobbybob » 17. November 2014 23:10

I am no guru here, but I would try downloading another setup file, and uninstall anything you've installed so far, even deleting the directories that may be left over. Then re-install. You could have a corrupt setup file.
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