How to configure app.yml?? Streeme Project

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How to configure app.yml?? Streeme Project

Postby bocajuniors » 09. November 2014 22:15

Hi people!

I want to run my Streeme Project but i am stucked in this particular step:
in your_streeme_dir/apps/client/config

    rename app.template.yml to app.yml
    edit this file with a text editor
iTunes XML Location - if you plan to use the itunes media scanner, enter the full path to your itunes xml file
Watched folders - if you plan to use the filesystem scanner to import your music, these are the folders that will be scanned periodically for new music - add a folder per line preceded with a "-" as shown in the example
Mapped Drive Locations - If your music is predominantly stored on NAS drives on Windows, please remap the locations from the itunes style full paths to the windows style sharing paths using forward slashes only required for itunes scanning. examples given in file
Allowed File Types - currently streeme only imports mp3 files, but this option will control which extensions are allowed to be scanned for both the itunes and filesystem scanners
Results Per Page - The default list length per page
Allow FFMpeg Transcoding - You may enable FFMpeg functionality if you require transcoding capabilities. I've been able to run this on even pretty frail hardware, but you may not be able to make many connections if every authorized device is transcoding simultaneously
FFMpeg Executable - the full path to your FFMpeg application file
examples: if you do not know where ffmpeg is, search using locate on the commandline or using windows explorer:
Windows: "C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\ffmpeg.exe"
Linux: "/usr/bin/ffmpeg"
OSX: "/opt/local/var/macports/software/ffmpeg/version/opt/local/bin/ffmpeg"
Music Proxy Port select a port for music communications enter here whatever you put in your virtual host setup in the first step
Send Cookies with Request when requesting music on devices that cannot send cookies for Audio or art requests, this option allows for a workaround - it sends the remember key cookie value with the request and verifies it against the IP given at last login. This is mostly to support Palm/HP Pre and WebOS devices, don't turn it on if your phone can properly send cookies
remember_key_expiration_age - This setting will keep users selecting "remember me" at login time logged in for approximately 300 days. If you run a tighter ship, consider changing this number - time denoted in seconds
Scheduling your library scanning Streeme uses a task to coordinate automated scans of your music library. The list of options will istruct streeme how to scan you library and in what order. Simply comment out the items you don't use and add in the ones that you do. You can read more about scheduling in a later step located here.

I´ve tried to modify and edit the file but when i want to run in cmd:
symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load
, no music files were found!

What am I doing wrong? How can i get edit the riht code or symbol in app.yml?
Here is the code inside the file:
Code: Select all
# You can find more information about this file on the symfony website:

  # the location of your itunes XML file
  C:\Users\GRT\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml
  #     Mac: /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml
  itunes_xml_location: "/home/notroot/music/iTunes Music Library.xml"
  # Watched folders for loading media from the filesystem - no trailing slash
  # Win: C:\Users\Public\Music  #     Mac: /Users/username/Music
  #    *nix: /home/user/music
      - "/home/notroot/music"
  # If your music is predominantly stored on NAS drives on Windows, please remap the locations
  # from the itunes style full paths to the windows style sharing paths using forward slashes
  # only required for itunes scanning
  # eg.  'file://localhost/Z:' : '//mediabox/music'
  # you may experience some pretty heavy lag over SAMBA, but it'll work fine
  # Allowed filetypes - this will be dependent on your browser's codecs
  # eg. - mp3
      - mp3
  # Results Per Page
  # When in doubt, show this many results per page
  results_per_page: 60
  #allow ffmpeg transcoding capabilities
  allow_ffmpeg_transcoding: false

  #have streeme use a different terminal encoding - use any php iconv compatible value
  #examples: OSX:UTF-8; Windows:ISO-8859-1; Ubuntu:ISO-8859-1
  filesystem_encoding: ISO-8859-1
  #Full Location of ffmpeg executable
  ffmpeg_executable: ""
  #The Port for the media stream - must not be the same as the program port
  music_proxy_port: 8096
  #add support for audio tags that do not send cookies ( Palm Pre Support )
  send_cookies_with_request: false
  #set the default cookie lifetime for auth
    remember_key_expiration_age: 25920000   # 300 days in seconds
    # Uncomment these LDAP settings in case you'd like to use LDAP to authenticate
    # You will need to add ldap to php using ldap.dll (windows)
    # or getting php5-ldap suport for port/apt/rpm (linux/osx)
    # you'll also have to create a dummy user with the same name in Streeme to
    # sync the accounts.
    #check_password_callable: [StreemeLdapUser, checkLdapCredentials]
    #  account_suffix: '',
    #  base_dn: 'DC=controller1,DC=controller2',
    #  domain_controllers: ['','']
    #  admin_username: user
    #  admin_password: $ecret
    #  real_primarygroup: true
    #  use_ssl: false
    #  use_tls: true
    #  recursive_groups: false
    #  ad_port: 389
    #  sso: false

  #set up your media scan plan - you can customize how your library is scanned
  #remove the pound (#) sign to enable scan if you'd like to change the order
  #just move the items up or down in the list
      #- 'scan-media --type=itunes'
      - 'scan-media --type=filesystem'
      #- 'scan-art --source=amazon'
      - 'scan-art --source=meta'
      - 'scan-art --source=folders'
      #- 'scan-playlists --type=itunes'
  #Search Indexing Service - please review the wiki on indexing before enabling
    use_indexer: false                     # enable use of an external indexer for more expressive/faster searching
      class: StreemeIndexerMysql           # Add your own search indexer to the apps/client/lib/indexer dir
      auto-start: true                     # automatically start the search service

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,
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Re: How to configure app.yml?? Streeme Project

Postby Nobbie » 09. November 2014 22:59

bocajuniors wrote:Can you help me?

I dont think so. This is not in the scope of this forum.
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