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Beginners Question

PostPosted: 05. November 2014 11:12
by jamesthemonkeh

I am trying to learn Ajax from a book I have bought and have stumbled upon the fact that I cannot test it as I would test any other JQuery code through my browser.

I have been pointed towards something called Xampp, downloaded it and have absolutely no idea what to do now.

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction.


Re: Beginners Question

PostPosted: 05. November 2014 11:54
by Nobbie
Xampp is a software package which contains the most basic tools for running a local webserver: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl. After installation open the Xampp Controldialog and start (at least) Apache and MySQL. After successfull start, you have a local webserver "http://localhost", put your HTML files into c:/xampp/htdocs (assuming that you installed Xampp to C: as suggested), lets say "test.html" and finally you may watch it in your browser via http://localhost/test.html

There is a MySQL Server running as well, the default values are:

Host: localhost
Port: 3306 (default)
User: root
Password: *empty* (leave it empty)

A Database called "test" is already created, of course you may create your own database.