XAMPP not processing PHP code

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XAMPP not processing PHP code

Postby jasonc310771 » 02. November 2014 06:57

I have installed XAMPP (I used the file called xampp-win32-1.8.3-5-VC11-installer.exe to install XAMPP) after disabling my AVG and disconnecting my pc from the internet. I tried to run XAMPP but got error in the logs that the port was in use (by Skype) changed the post in the XAMPP port settings in http.conf to Listen 8080

Ran XAMPP in admin most on the pc and all seems to startup ok.

I created a folder in c:\xampp\htdocs called myfiles and created a file called index.php file with the following in it...

<?php echo("hello"); ?>

I then visit http://localhost/myfiles/index.php in firefox and get a blank page.

I try to view the source code of this page and that too is blank.

So I create another file in myfiles folder called index.html and view that at http://localhost/myfiles/index.html

But still get a blank page and not source code.

XAMPP control panel shows that both Apache and MySQL are running.

In the Control Panel window, when I click 'admin' beside either Apache or MySQL the browser opens but that too is blank. I have also restarted my pc.

What could I be doing wrong that is causing the pages to show blank ?



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Re: XAMPP not processing PHP code

Postby Nobbie » 02. November 2014 12:29

jasonc310771 wrote:changed the post in the XAMPP port settings in http.conf to Listen 8080

I do not recommend to change Apache port, instead you should find and stop or configure the process, which blocks port 80 (probably Microsoft IIS or Skype).

If you change Apache Port to 8080, "localhost" does not yield to Apache (but to the Microsoft IIS or Skype see above), you have to use "localhost:8080" for your site instead:

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