Deprecated function in php.ini

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Deprecated function in php.ini

Postby MarjWyatt » 12. October 2014 22:27

I've just completed an update of Xampp for this environment:

Windows 7
XAMPP 1.8.3
PHP: 5.5.15

Things went fairly smoothly though, as usual, it is a time consuming endeavor. I've been having problems with database import timeouts for a few sites that I manage in this environment. In most cases, it is something I can work around but I decided to dig deeper.

Most of the content I can find at Stack Exchange related to this points to a php.ini variable max_execution_time.

According to, this variable appears to have been deprecated as of v5.3.0 and removed as of v5.4.0, unless I'm misunderstanding the big "pink" notification at the bottom of the page link below. I can attest to the fact that it that it appears to have no bearing that I can discern with the version of PHP (v5.5.15) that I've just upgraded to.

See this link: ... ution-time

What is the best advice for establishing a timeout value for imports in php.ini?
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Re: Deprecated function in php.ini

Postby Altrea » 13. October 2014 06:56

I don't see any deprecated announcement for the setting max_execution_time at

Btw: it is recommend to import bigger sql-dumps with help of the commandline or a tool like MySQL Workbench, not with phpmyadmin or any other PHP based script.
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