Error while connecting to MySQL from XAMPP

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Error while connecting to MySQL from XAMPP

Postby Ken Windmark » 10. October 2014 14:31

I just started to learn PHP and attempted to use XAMPP. Installation on my Windows 7 machine went fine and I was able to use the package to create and test some of my database features. However, when trying to connect to MySQL using the XAMPP's control panel, the error #1045(access denied for user) showed up. After this, neither changing of password nor restart of XAMPP could elliminate the error status. Used:
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "user", "pswd", "tstDB");
line to connect, and tried to match change in password in without result. Each time I try to enter MySQL admin from the panel, the same error comes up and blocks the access. Need some guidance. Thanks,
Ken Windmark
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