Problems writing newline to txt file

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Problems writing newline to txt file

Postby TgaWookie » 09. October 2014 11:21

I am trying to write data to a text file using php. After each line I am adding "\r\n" to the end of it, but when I open the file it only contains the "\n" at the end of the line so windows notepad shows all data on just one line. I have run the exact same files on USBWebserver and it works fine. Why is XAMPP changing the end of line characters? and how do I stop it happening?
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Re: Problems writing newline to txt file

Postby JJ_Tagy » 09. October 2014 12:04

First, I recommend dumping windows notepad and go for something like Notepad++. Then you will see that XAMPP does not change anything as you can turn on the formatting view.

I have no issues getting this to work. Perhaps you should share your code.

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  $file = fopen("test.txt", "w");
  echo fwrite($file, "Hello World. Testing!\r\n");
  echo fwrite($file, "This is line two.");

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Hello World. Testing!
This is line two.
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