Resurrecting Wordpress Site from XAMPP

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Resurrecting Wordpress Site from XAMPP

Postby tracy » 29. September 2014 02:13

Hi All

Hoping you can help me. I was developing a Wordpress site using XAMPP on a Windows 7 PC. Turned on the PC one day and Windows has failed. I was able to retrieve the XAMPP file from the HD. It allowed me to bulk change ownership of the files, but it will not let me change the permissions beyond read only without going in and changing each file individually (there are over 15,000 files). As such I have not been able to export the DB or anything like that as nothing works - it tells me I do not have the correct permissions etc. Is there a way I can transfer the Wordpress site to a new XAMMP installation without being able to access the original XAMPP files? I need step by step instructions as I am not very familiar with XAMMP. This is only the 3rd website I have created using it.


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