XAMPP's apache2.4 can't load AMS' modules for streaming

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XAMPP's apache2.4 can't load AMS' modules for streaming

Postby Alloces » 16. September 2014 21:22

I've installed Adobe Media Server 5 and trying to get it worked with an external XAMPP server running apache 2.4 version.
When i've tried to load these modules:
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   LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so
   LoadModule hlshttp_module modules/mod_hlshttp.so
   LoadModule jithttp_module modules/mod_jithttp.so
   LoadModule ctrlplane_module modules/mod_ctrlplane.so

Apache server doesn't start and print this error in the log:

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>>> httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 198 of D:/SERVER/XAMPP/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load modules/mod_f4fhttp.so into server: The specified procedure could not be found.

Same error occurs for the rest modules.
When i remove or comment these lines, XAMPP is running fine and apache starts.
I'm using Windows 8.1 x64 bit and 32bit version of XAMPP and AMS.

I've opened discussion at Adobe's forum -> https://forums.adobe.com/message/6721735#6721735
I've already sent the feature request, but i'm wondering can i modify the modules to work with apache 2.4 without help from Adobe?

I will appreciate any help about this case.
Thanks for the attention
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Re: XAMPP's apache2.4 can't load AMS' modules for streaming

Postby gsmith » 17. September 2014 03:17

Unfortunately no, as was said in the reply to your post, these need to be recompiled from source by Adobe against Apache 2.4.
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