Mercury setup problems

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Mercury setup problems

Postby Georgezx9 » 15. September 2014 01:05

Hi all.

I have installed xamp and mercury, to allow me to test on my home PC various sites I am developing. I don't need it to send to external mail addresses as yet.

However I cannot get the mail function to work from a script, but it does from elsewhere. I am confused now as well, by the postmaster and the root users. I assume Mercury sends from postmaster because that's the username in sendmail.ini?

Mercury successfully sends a test mail from postmaster@localhost to, note its from ..localhost, not - why?
Outlook successfully sends a mail from to

Outlook sends a test mail to from root, I assume Outlook sends from root to root as this is the only account set up, but why cant it use postmaster, it would not even let me set up a postmaster account

PHP script does not work - this is my biggest issue?, does the pop 3 user have to match the two ini files.

The various settings I have changed are:


sendmail_from = postmaster@localhost
smtp_port = 25

Mercury Users
Localhost/Admin and Root

Mercury SMTP Server
Announce myself
Listen on port 23
IP interface to use
connection control is set as -

Mercury pop 3 server
Listen to TCP port : 110
IP Interface to use :
connection control is set as -

MercuryE SMTP client
Identify Myself as :
Port 25 (Normal - no SSL encryption)
Name server :

Mercury D pop3 - User
POP3 Host :
Username : root
Password : root

Outlook express new account
name: root
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mailserver:
Logon username: root
Logon Username password: root
If I try and set up an account as it cant do it
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