You are restoring on a server with a different PHP version?

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You are restoring on a server with a different PHP version?

Postby clubthrower » 08. September 2014 11:26

Hi All,

I'm currently importing a currently live Joomla 3 website to my localhost server, which I now have seemingly all ok from a previous mysql database issue.

However, whilst using Akeeba Backups Kickstart Restore program on the pre installation screen it is giving me the following warning;

IMPORTANT! You are restoring on a server with a different PHP version than the one you used to back up your site.
Your original site server's PHP version was 5.3.28 and your current PHP version is 5.5.9. Please note that different PHP versions may have differences which can cause your extensions (components, modules, plugins, libraries and templates) to not work properly. In these cases the restoration will complete without an error but your site may not display correctly or not load at all. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for these issues. You will have to check that all of your extensions support PHP 5.5.9 before attempting to restore your site on this server.

Now my question is, is the above actually going to pretty much guaranteed cause me those problems mentioned when tweaking or making any changes to my local version of the site and then when I migrate any changed files back to the live server, or is it know more of a legal protecting themselves kind of message and something I don't have to worry about?

Lastly, If it does pose a potential problem... can I downgrade XAMPP's PHP version in anyway to match that of my live sites hosting php version?

Any guidance or help in the above would be very much appreciated indeed.

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Re: You are restoring on a server with a different PHP versi

Postby JJ_Tagy » 08. September 2014 12:11

There is only one way to find out: test, test, test. They add the comment as a warning because some plugins rely on older php functions to operate properly. There aren't going to be any "legal" guarantees in the first place. It is meant to cut down on the amount of "tech calls" saying they can't get XYZ plugin to work anymore.

As for the version, there is no upgrade/downgrade option. You must simply find the XAMPP version which includes the php version you are looking for. Do a search for downgrade and you should find one of Altrea's posts that link to a location which describes which version of php comes with specific XAMPP install packages.
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