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Postby eve0021 » 28. August 2014 00:22

hi there! im not really new with programming but im still a beginner at this.
so today i got inspired to work on a download site which will run on my shop's local area connection.
im running a Gamer Community shop. its a small one but with good and loyal customers.

so heres the thing, i usually get alot of tech issues regarding the device and i have alot of tools to fix them and i want to innovate a bit.
so what i did was i downloaded xampp and read some tutorials how to work on php.

i used this code on my page to download a file that will automatically run on their device:

Code: Select all
header('Content-disposition: attachment; filename=AutoBackupUtility.xpd');
header('Content-type: text/plain');

the issue im facing is im getting an error code 111 communication to server failed when im launching it on my psp using the address: http://myaddress/psp/index.php

im accessing these using my psp through WLAN and i discovered that a psp uses Mozilla 4.0 based on the logs from apache.

anyway to get this working properly? or is there anyway for me to allow the command readfile?
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