No Installer Package Found

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No Installer Package Found

Postby mrfoyne » 26. August 2014 13:19

Just copied the entire Xampp-folder to my new computer.
Almost everything works fine but I can't get the apache and mysql SVC's services to autostart, but I can manually start them.
I run the control-panel as Administrator and am able to specify the above services to start, but they will not.

I'm running xampp 1.7.7. Windows 7 64-bit

The Control-Panel says:
Current Directory: c:\xampp
Installer Directory: No installer package found.

What does that mean ? How to fix it ?

Torbjorn Ljung
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Re: No Installer Package Found

Postby crysaro » 08. August 2016 03:19

I encountered the same error. I fixed it by correcting wrong paths (ex. DocumentRoot) in the httpd.conf
apache_start.bat gave me an error message pointing to that line.
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