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What does the run command do

PostPosted: 14. August 2014 23:23
by Georgezx9
Hi all just moved over to XAMPP from a rival, got it all working, and localhost/filename.php works in IE and others.

I have also just dumped dreamweaver due to cost, and am trying Notepad++

However rather than jump out of N++ and type localhost/filename at the url, I would like to run the current file by using the N++ "run|launch in..." command, isn't that what its there for to make it easy to test your PHP/HTML file from the Editor environment.

i.e when I try and use the launch command, it saves it to the root and then runs it from there, using the localhost filename to do so.

Is there a logical way to do this, there has to be, as why would they offer this option, or was the plan for it to only run the HTML part and not the PHP.

I am currently running the file from the HTDOCS folder, but would actually like to edit from my own separate directory, and have N++ sync the save with the HTDOCS root folder.

I am aware N++ has the plug in NPPFTP, although note sure how to set this, but I note that XAMPP has filezilla.

All help appreciated :shock:

Thanks in advance


Re: What does the run command do

PostPosted: 15. August 2014 02:49
by JJ_Tagy
It won't work that way because HTML is served as-is while PHP is interpreted and processed server side.