Serious problem installing xampp win 7 64bits

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Serious problem installing xampp win 7 64bits

Postby spyvspyaeon » 14. August 2014 01:03


Not sure why but I am having a nightmare just trying to (re)install xampp. Once I had it on my machine working pretty fine, In that time I uninstalled normally.
Atm I am trying but xampp-win32-1.8.3-4-VC11-installer.exe hangs on process 107kb forever!! lol if I click more, more processes come all 107 bloody kb :mrgreen:


Running win 7 64bits 4gb ram, bitdefender (tested with shields off, nok as well). Funny is when that happens my PC become partially non responsive,
I don't have an Idea what is happening. Someone has a clue?

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