Please check for previous installations !

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Please check for previous installations !

Postby czeshirecat » 30. July 2014 13:00

Hi guys.
Many thanks for doing the Windows version but the installation of xampp (which I've installed for being nosy when trying to install wordpress) just buggered up my previous mysql installation. I could swear I'd originally installed mysql on my F drive (C is a smallish solid state one so I usually install software on F) but now it's on C. That bit I can't be positive about because I've got several machine setups, but the XAMMP installation's definitely overwritten my my.ini file because it's no longer pointing at my Q:\ drive where I store my data bases and I've had to set all the defaults for mysql again.
Please give us options about where to install each of the lovely group of plugins I noticed, especially for us people with SSDs and those of us who might already have them installed for other reasons. :)
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Re: Please check for previous installations !

Postby Altrea » 30. July 2014 13:23

I have a standalone MySQL installation on my test environment and multiple XAMPP instances installed on the same machine too. None of the XAMPP installations screwed up my standalone MySQL installation :!: :?:
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