1.8.3-4 VC11 fails installing on win7x64

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1.8.3-4 VC11 fails installing on win7x64

Postby cla » 26. July 2014 13:34

Hi all,

just tried to install the above version and after having installed all files, the installer launches three (!) DOS windows with the title

find "S-1-16-12288"

which remain visible and seems to hang the installer - the installation does not end. The only reasonable thing I can do is closing the DOS windows and cancelling the installation.

It seems as if the DOS windows hang as they accept input from the keyboard instead of another command (likely "whoami /groups"), so I can type within these windows and end them with Ctrl-Z, in order to simulate imput from a piped command. So there seems to be an error in the command being executed in the windows (however, pasting in the correct whoami output from an administrator and finishing with Ctl-Z does not help either).

What exact command or script is being executed here ? surprisingly the commandline in both of the Task-Manager entries for the cmd and the find process (both launched as x86, not x64!) is being displayed empty... Possibly the package uses environment variables, and there x86 and x64 systems have differences, e.g. for the variable ProgramFiles, which may even be important for x86 programs being launched. Please note that the package installs just fine on a Win7x86 box! If I can help testing anything particular, please let me know!

For the records: I have got my Antivirus program deactivated while installing, but this seems not to be important in this case ;-)

Last, but not least, thanx a lot to all involved for providing this highly appreciated package!
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