Option To Use PowerShell Over Command Prompt

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Option To Use PowerShell Over Command Prompt

Postby Pazuzu156 » 10. July 2014 03:52

Title says it all. Don't get me wrong, Command Prompt is powerful and all, but I'm a big PowerShell user, and would love an option to run PowerShell instead of Command Prompt.

Just add the option to use CMD or PS in the Config UI and run a .ps1 that executes the .bat

Example xampp_shell.ps1:
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It loads the batch file into PS while retaining the PS commands as well.

Just a suggestion.

==== EDIT ====

I've gone and written a version just for PS users. Code is pasted below.

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xampp_shell.ps1 PowerShell script by Kaleb Klein

You are free to use this script, modify, distribute, or whatever
you feel like doing with it. Based upon Apache Friends' xampp_shell.bat

Windows 8 is needed to natively run this, though if PS is installed
on your version of Windows, please enjoy :)

$host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "XAMPP for Windows"
$version = "1.0"

"Setting environment for using XAMPP for Windows"

# Initialize Environment Vars and Path
$curdir = $(get-location)
$mibdirs = "$curdir\extras\mibs\"
$mysql = "$curdir\mysql\bin\"
$php_pear_sysconf_dir = "$curdir\php\"
$php_pear_bin_dir = "$curdir\php\"
$php_pear_test_dir = "$curdir\php\tests\"
$php_pear_www_dir = "$curdir\php\www\"
$php_pear_cfg_dir = "$curdir\php\cfg\"
$php_pear_data_dir = "$curdir\php\data\"
$php_pear_doc_dir = "$curdir\php\docs\"
$php_pear_php_bin = "$curdir\php\php.exe\"
$php_pear_install_dir = "$curdir\php\pear\"
$phprc = "$curdir\php\"
$tmp = "$curdir\tmp\"
$perl5lib = $null

$env:Path = $env:Path + ";$mysql;$php_pear_bin_dir;$php_pear_test_dir;$php_pear_www_dir;$php_pear_cfg_dir;$php_pear_data_dir;$php_pear_doc_dir;$php_pear_php_bin;$php_pear_install_dir;$phprc;$tmp;$perl5lib"

# Initial Command var set to null
$command = $null

# a little help function to display XFW specific commands
function show_help
    "XAMPP for Windows PowerShell Console v$version"
    "Current built in commands that are XFW specific:"
    "exit - Exits console"
    "quit - See exit"
    "help - Shows this"
    "All other functions from CMD version of XFW Shell"
    "are also included in here."
    "This console was built to incorperate all XAMPP console features as well as"
    "All PowerShell features for all the PS lovers out there!"

# prompt function for displaying USERNAME@COMPUTERNAME LOCATION text
function prompt
    cd $curdir
    Write-Host($env:USERNAME) -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host("@") -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Red
    Write-Host($env:COMPUTERNAME) -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host(" " + $(get-location))

# run command function to process commands supplied by user
function run_command($command)
        "exit" { exit }
        "quit" { exit }
        "help" { show_help }
                Invoke-Expression $command
            Catch [system.exception]
                Write-Host("Error: ") -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Red
                Write-Host("The command ") -NoNewline
                Write-Host("'" + $command + "'") -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Yellow
                Write-Host(" is not a valid command!")

# think of this as the main function. Run this to run the shell
function start_shell
    # Main loop. Continue loop until command "exit" is given
        prompt # run prompt function to display USERNAME@COMPUTERNAME LOCATION text
        $command = Read-Host "#" # set command var to user's input

        # check if user supplies input
        if($command -ne "")
            # Hack for attempting to fix cd command
            if($command.StartsWith("cd "))
                $loc = $command.Substring(3)
                    $curdir = $loc
                    $curdir = "$curdir\$loc"
                # Try to execute user's input
                # run exception if command cannot be run
                # allows for running XAMPP specific programs while keeping all PS commands open

start_shell # Start shell

Just save this in the xampp root directory and double-click the file. Save it as xampp_shell.ps1 and make sure .ps1 is the extension.

Be sure to set the execution policy for PS to RemoteSigned so you can run the script.
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to see what the policy is set to and run
Code: Select all
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
under Administrator to be able to run this script.

XAMPP Dev Team, please give the option to select between the two so I don't have to open explorer and run it manually.
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