Control Panel v.3.2.1.

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Control Panel v.3.2.1.

Postby maraujocoelho » 05. June 2014 13:15

Hello, people.I am Márcia.

Please, Could you help me...

I have installed the Xampp but I did'nt visualize in the control panel the option PHP for giving the start, only MYSQL.

How can I configurate this?

Thank you in advanced.
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Re: Control Panel v.3.2.1.

Postby JJ_Tagy » 05. June 2014 14:16

You don't start PHP. You start Apache which will pass data to PHP if/when required.
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Re: Control Panel v.3.2.1.

Postby Altrea » 05. June 2014 17:31

As JJ_Tagy already mentioned: PHP is included as Apache Module, so Apache needs to be started.
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