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Gmail Not Being sent

PostPosted: 03. June 2014 06:58
by S1lent_Echoes
Hi all. I know this topic has a few posts but none of them worked for me or were relevant. I have also scoured Stack Overflow and more than a few websites and blogs but I still cannot get this to work right. I have spent all day/night trying to get this working and even though it isn't up and running yet, all that time has provided me with more information and has gotten me further along in the process. I am still stuck however and could use some assistance.

I am just using XAMPP for development/learning and because of that I am do not need some overly complicated set up. I am just trying to send simple e-mails to testing out my files/scripts, such as password recoveries or e-mail verification sign ups. I have enabled all the proper settings in php.ini and sendmail.ini. I tested my computers connection through telnet and it does connect successfully through port 587. Furthermore, my debug file shows that it is connecting to Gmail's servers but the e-mail is still not being delivered and even my script will say "Message delivery failed".

Here is the report from the debug fail, this starts after the message text -

Code: Select all
Connecting to
14/06/03 00:46:15 ** Connected.
14/06/03 00:46:15 << 220 ESMTP uc15sm19474852obc.10 - gsmtp<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:15 >> EHLO<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:16 << at your service, []<EOL>250-SIZE 35882577<EOL>250-8BITMIME<EOL>250-STARTTLS<EOL>250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES<EOL>250 CHUNKING<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Authenticating as
14/06/03 00:46:16 >> STARTTLS<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:16 << 220 2.0.0 Ready to start TLS<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:16 >> QUIT<EOL>
14/06/03 00:46:16 << [This is a bunch of binary code here, I didn't think it was necessary and it just took up a lot of room but if you think it would help then let me know and I will provide it.]
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Disconnected.
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Disconnecting from
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Disconnected.
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Disconnected.
14/06/03 00:46:16 ** Connection Closed Gracefully.

Re: Gmail Not Being sent

PostPosted: 04. June 2014 00:45
by S1lent_Echoes
I still don't know what the problem was/is but I just got it working with Mercury instead and it works fine like that, so all is well.