I am stumped! php does not echo on localhost

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Re: I am stumped! php does not echo on localhost

Postby Nobbie » 05. June 2014 22:21

OrcaSoul wrote:"Absolutely sure"...so you won't even try?

It depends.

OrcaSoul wrote:But then, what of all the people who DO try to learn enough of XAMPP? Should they say "I can't do this, so why ask?"? No, they give it a try, find some problems with their understanding, and seek aid from those who should be able to help...

No, usually people *should* *not* learn enough of Xampp. That is one of the ideas of Xampp - simply to apply an development environment. And this usually works very well. But your goal is totally different, you are not looking for a development environment, you are looking for a solution, how to import/run an existing software (or whatever - i still dont know everything about it) under a webserver (in this case Xampp) and you need BY FAR MORE SUPPORT than the "normal" Xampp user, who simply wants to learn HTML, PHP, MySQL and usually starts with "Hello World." And exactly this is the BIG difference between a normal Xampp user and you.

OrcaSoul wrote:Interesting - here you are offering to help people do something you don''t think they should be doing...why are you working on a forum for a software system you don't think the rabble should be using?

No. I only explain to a couple of people, how to run a webserver, as they ask for it. But usually this not what i want to do here (and usually i give up very early), as the idea of Xampp is just vice verse: it is not the idea of Xampp, to teach how to configure and run a webserver, the idea of Xampp is to PROVIDE a webserver out of the box and therewith give an easy to use environment, to test and run your own scripts, without the needs of running an online webserver and without the need, how to to configure and manage all that. But it is true, there are many users out there which misuse Xampp and misuse the idea of Xampp. Anyway, i really dont like to help these, even if i do so. But i am going to give up that kind of "support", as it is wrong.
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