Clean XAMPP install Apache service crashes

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Clean XAMPP install Apache service crashes

Postby stanni » 01. June 2014 11:53

Hi, any advice would be very much appreciated.

I'm trying to set up XAMPP local server on my windows 7 PC to test simple php scripts (mail function).
After downloading XAMPP from the homepage and installing it with the default options, Apache service crashes. MySQL service seems to run fine.
No logs are created for Apache service, while there are logs for MySQL. I'm assuming the service crashes too early for any logs to be created.

Perhaps there are some settings or options during installation or afterwards that I have not set properly. Like I said, I went with default options and haven't changed anything post-installation. According to this ( tutorial, a command promt should've opened after the initial installation, but this did not occur. I could not find a way to edit these settings post-installation either.

I'm running COMONDO and AVG Free - both of which I've tried disabling
I've tried XAMPP versions win32-1.8.3-4-VC11 and win32-1.8.2-5-VC9

Thank you very much.
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