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change port online

Postby shakone » 27. May 2014 10:47

I setup xampp on a windows 2008.
I change ports in the control panel & in the httpd.conf.

Those changes works because i can consult http://localhost:8080 (my new port)
Unfortunatly, it doesn't work if i try from an other computer from my network with the ip
So i modify the httpd.conf again to change directory autorisations to "require all granted" for the directory, but it is still not working.

Have you any idea?

Sorry to create a new topic, but the search is down.
windows 2008 R2 + xampp
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Re: change port online

Postby Nobbie » 27. May 2014 12:16

shakone wrote:Have you any idea?

Show us the configuration of httpd.conf, especially the code you have changed for Port 8080.
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