Using .htaccess password to open database forms

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Using .htaccess password to open database forms

Postby Coastalguy » 24. May 2014 21:57

I am currently opening xampp mysql databases using php form input. I have the root password set, which I set in an external include file to open the database. My problem is having access to the forms, provides access to all of the database data for anyone on my PC. What I would like to do is to have an .htaccess password login prevent access to the initial forms, requiring anyone trying to access the database information (including me), having to enter the id and password to access the forms.

I access the forms via localhost (through xampp), so I assume .htaccess will work as this runs apache. My problem is that if it will work, where to locate the .htaccess file? Can anyone give me a hint on this?
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