New install.. a couple questions and thanks...

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New install.. a couple questions and thanks...

Postby Ringer » 11. August 2004 04:32

I started 2 years ago with fireserv, went to apachetriad (fought with that for awhile.. ) and just loaded xmapp about 8 hours ago.. very nice program.. well done whoever does it..

had a few problems with the install, but found most of the answers here in the forum, had to use to translate from german to english.. but is good if anyone else has a problem and needs the other forums up top.. just plug in the url of the forum and it will translate on the fly close enough to get what ya need..

Still have couple probs I cant figure out yet...

1) Off the splash screen when I click on "phpinfo()" I get "Page Cannot be Displayed".. no errors in the paths I can see..

2) Mercury Mail, I dont have domain to use.. I do have a static IP.. I just want to use the mail server to send out emails from my forum for registrations and notices... how would you config Mercury Mail to do the job??? Windows mail servers alway mess me up.. I can never figure em out..

3) Has anyone set xampp up with the perl mods required to run a Rss/Xml feed service, just to host 2 or 3 feeds, and what did you do??

Not a question, but a thought.. is there an interface that is being worked on for xmapp, such as an all in one control panel for everything.. it would be nice..

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