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XAMPP autostart services on USB Key

PostPosted: 16. May 2014 11:31
by jeanmediaa
Hi there,
I'm new on this forum. My name is Jean and I'm looking for a solution to autolaunch PHP server and MySQL server without having to click on the XAMPP config panel, on a USB flash drive (usb key).
In fact, we have to develop an USB key for a client with a PHP website on it. This key will be distributed to hundred of end-users. It HAVE to be PHP because of interactions with a remote server, and work offline etc.
We dont want to ask the end-users to activate XAMPP... In the IDEAL situation, the end-user just enter the key, click on a .EXE and all the services starts and it redirect to a browser with our (local USB key) website in it.
The key point: it have to be compatible with Win8 and less !
We fount "server2Go" wich include an autostart/stop of the server... but we read on Google lots of people have problem on Win8
We aslo see a "tap.exe" (Win XP embedded) solution but we dont understand the solution... :-)
Anybody already expericed this? Any solution?
Thks for your help!

Re: XAMPP autostart services on USB Key

PostPosted: 16. May 2014 13:46
by Nobbie
jeanmediaa wrote:Any solution?

There is no solution. You cannot solve the problem if (for example) Port 80 is already blocked by a local software (i.e. already a running webserver, or a Skype installation etc.). You cannot solve all problems that base on collisions with the already running software.

Instead you have to either hand out a kind of "Live OS" (like linux live CDs) and boot from the USB stick, or start a virtual machine from the USB Stick, which also contains your software. There is already a projects which implements such complex environments, but unfortunately i currently dont remember the name.

Re: XAMPP autostart services on USB Key

PostPosted: 16. May 2014 14:39
by jeanmediaa
Thks for your answer. Boot from the USB stick is not possible. We cannot ask this to end user clients.
I think this "Windows Embeded" is the solution, but we dont understand it :-)
We will move to a Flash compiled new version of the website with ZINC or AIR... no choice. With this we will be able to have same functionnalities as PHP (pdf generation, ftp, ...)
Thks a lot... XAMPP was too fantastic to be true in this environement :-)