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Can't map WebDAV as a Network Drive

PostPosted: 13. May 2014 22:46
by treps_92boy

I just installed XAMPP 1.8.3 and have it set up on my Windows 7 machine. The only problem is that my WebDAV doesn't work as I want it to do.. :(

Okey, it's working, I can access the URL and see things in the WebDAV-folder from the browser, but I can't map it up in Windows as a Network Drive. Have read a lot about this and it seems to be a problem in Windows 7/8 with Basic Authentication. I have also read a guide and done everything he said. Still, doesn't work.. Tried to map it with Net Use and via the GUI (normal way).


The thing is that I also have a Ubuntu 12.04 webserver with WebDAV enabled at the same network (two different ports of course). If I tries to map the Ubuntu WebDAV in Windows it's working perfectlly, but not when I use the Windows XAMPP WebDAV version. They got almost the exact same settings. In Apache 2.2 you type "allow from all" in the CONF-file but in Apache 2.4 (as XAMPP 1.8.3 uses) you type "Require all granted" instead. For debugging purposes I've only typed "Dav On" and "Require all granted" in the <Directory> section.

I have checked and re-checked all ports and access to the Windows XAMPP WebDAV. The firewall is also OFF! :)

Does anyone have a hint what the problem is?