Problem with initial response.

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Problem with initial response.

Postby agallego » 13. May 2014 18:36

Hello, I'm using an embedded system to send data to my webserver but I'm having some problems with the response of apache :S

My system connects to the server and send a GET request, then a php code sends it to a mysql DB.

Everything works fine but the problem is that when I send the request from my wifi system the initial response is not "HTTP/1.1 200 OK "... The answer is the html code of the page, it doesn't send the initial response how it should...

I've tested doing the request from firefox and it works, with wireshark I can see the 200 OK response.

When I do the same from my system the response is "Continuation or non-HTTP traffic" and the packet content is "<html><head><title>...."

I don't know what is going on... but the php works even if the server doesn't send the 200 code... It stores the data correctly...

I found this (Fourth point)... Could be the problem?
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