Cannot connect to xampp via http

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Cannot connect to xampp via http

Postby lhfeist » 08. May 2014 18:20

About a month ago my xampp site (installed on my PC) quit working via http. No new programs, firewalls, etc were installed at time it quit working and it was working for well for over 6 months prior.

I have contacted my internet provider they do not block any ports incoming or outgoing on their side.
I have disabled my firewall as well as AVG antivirus.
I have reinstalled xampp as well with no change.
I have checked and rechecked my xampp and apache/php configs all is correct and should work according to various online install instructions.
I have contacted my router manufacturer as well and can find no issues there relating to port forwarding or security settings.
I can access my xammp site with no problem via localhost and it works as it should using any computer on my network.

What am I overlooking that is preventing me from accessing via http??
Any help on this appreciated.
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