Problem Installing FFMPEG in XAMPP (Win 8 version)

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Problem Installing FFMPEG in XAMPP (Win 8 version)

Postby afiq » 02. May 2014 15:03


I have problem when trying to install ffmpeg into my XAMPP version 1.8.3.

I followed some tutorial such as this one >

...but after I start my XAMPP, it shows the program can't start because avcodec-52.dll is missing from your computer.

And, also this message: PHP Startup, Unable to load dynamic library 'D:\XAMPP\php\ext\php_ffmpeg.dll'

But the php_ffmpeg.dll is already inside that folder. Please help me....
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Re: Problem Installing FFMPEG in XAMPP (Win 8 version)

Postby ahmad.abdelghany » 22. June 2014 22:16

In the comments of that tutorial it is said that “If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place avcodec-52.dll in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\”
so give it a try. it should fix the " avcodec-52.dll is missing" error
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Re: Problem Installing FFMPEG in XAMPP (Win 8 version)

Postby bartrail » 31. October 2014 15:58

I'm running PHP 5.5.11 on Win 8.1 64 Bit with Xampp 1.8.3 and tried the installation with the link provided above too. Though the link conatains a php54..
As expected, Apache doesn't start up correctly and showing me these error messages:

Code: Select all
PHP Startup: ffmpeg: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20100525
PHP compiled with module API=20121212
These options need to match

I kind of searched the whole internet for a php_ffmpeg.dll compiled against PHP 5.5 but haven't found anything yet.
Unfortunately this tutorial ( for compiling php_ffmpeg doesn't help me..

Any help is very appreciated

Edit: Update
Found the solution:
Jan_E posted some self-built PHP packages here:
He mentions in his last post that php_ffmpeg.dll is included in his packages, so I downloaded in my case and found a working php_ffmpeg.dll in php/ext directory.

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