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How can I autostart Apache without using the Win Service?

PostPosted: 01. May 2014 22:05
by john2k
For some reason I get a blue screen when booting Windows XP which is caused by the Apache Service from XAMPP. It took me a long time to figure out which service was causing the blue screen crash. The way I did so was basically booting into safe mode, disabling groups of services at a time and rebooting WinXP until I narrowed it down to Apache Service along with a few others. Then I tried that last group of services individually to find out that when the Apache Service is disabled the computer boots fine. The Apache Service is the only Service which causes the blue screen error: "Page Fault in Nonpaged Area"

What I would like to try is to autostart apache using the XAMPP control panel start option so that it does not need to run as a Service. But that means autostarting the XAMPP control panel, which I cannot seem to find out how.

Any advice regarding this would be very much appreciated.