Can't access XAMPP admin pages after Wordpress Install

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Can't access XAMPP admin pages after Wordpress Install

Postby cdeford » 25. April 2014 13:53


I installed Wordpress Multisite on top of XAMPP and everything semed to work fine. But now I can't find the XAMPP admin/configuration pages in the browser. I can start/stop Apache and MySQL from the control panel and access phpMyAdmin from there also, but the Apache admin button just takes me to the new Wordpress web page (localhost) as does manually entering localhost/xampp/index.php. I originally had Bitnami's Wordpress package but that didn't work properly when I activated Multisite and I uninstalled it but now I'm wondering if it didn't affect some of the XAMPP files.

Anyway, Wordpress Multisite is working, the control panel is working and all that's missing is getting access to the XAMPP config pages. Can anyone suggest how I can get them back without uninstalling/reinstalling everything?

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