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problem with apache

PostPosted: 14. April 2014 18:20
by kiararip
I have a problem with running Apache from the control panel of xampp:
I'll explain my problem, before installing xampp I had already installed the apache web server to avoid conflicts but I uninstalled before installing the xamp; However, opening the control panel of xampp I get this error

[Apache] Found Path: "C:\Users\chiara\Downloads\Apache24\bin\httpd.exe" -k runservice
[Apache] Expected Path: "c:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe" -k runservice

even if the specified path does not exist!!
can someone help me?

Re: problem with apache

PostPosted: 14. April 2014 19:44
by gsmith
My guess is you did not uninstall the old Apache service before installing xampp.
Open a command prompt window (run as administrator) and cd to the xampp apache bin folder;


Then stop Apache, uninstall the existing service, install the new service, start the service. During any one of these steps if there is a problem with you config it will surely let you know.

httpd -k stop
httpd -k uninstall
httpd -k install
httpd -k start

now look in your control panel, look correct?