Help installing: xampp-win32-1.8.3-3-VC11-installer.exe

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Help installing: xampp-win32-1.8.3-3-VC11-installer.exe

Postby mac10 » 06. April 2014 11:57

Hi all.
Could someone please help me to install: xampp-win32-1.8.3-3-VC11-installer.exe

I've double clicked that file, and get a message that's detected my free-Avast-Antivirus.

It directs me to more info at:
But that link is broken, but I found some info here:

Which says -----------------------------------
How do I configure my antivirus application?
We have included all dependences and servers required for running the bundled web application, so you will find that XAMPP installs large numbers of files. If you are installing a XAMPP application on a Windows machine with an antivirus app enabled, this may slow down the installation significantly, and there is also a chance that one of the servers (web server, database server) may be blocked by the antivirus software. If you have an antivirus tool enabled, check the following settings for running XAMPP without performance issues:

a: Add exceptions in the firewall: for Apache, MySQL or any other server.
b: Scan files when executing: If you have enabled the antivirus scan for all files, the executable files for the servers may slow down.
c: Scan the traffic for different URLs: If you are developing with XAMPP on your own machine, you can exclude "localhost" traffic in the Antivirus settings.

Currently I have installed:
1: The free version of Avast-Antivirus, Product version: 9.0.2013.292
2: And the default Windows 7 Firewall

Q; So what do I need to do to those to enable xampps to install correctly ?

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Re: Help installing: xampp-win32-1.8.3-3-VC11-installer.exe

Postby JJ_Tagy » 06. April 2014 14:33

Just because applications/installers detect you are running an Anti-Virus, doesn't mean you can't continue. Usually, programs will install without problem. It is more of a warning that if the installation doesn't go well, you have a place to start troubleshooting. Try installing the program with the AV still running and see what happens.
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