relationships using desiner mode

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relationships using desiner mode

Postby Jack Baeur » 02. April 2014 12:53

Hello xampp friends.

I am using the latest version of xampp 1.83.3 in windows 7 and for browsing i am running firefox.
for security software i am using comodo internet security premium version 6.33, spybot 2.2.

During the installation process i didn't had any problems.

When i start Apache and mysql, i didn't have any trouble everything works fine.

The problem occurs when i try to build relationships between tables in my sql databases using the designer mode.

1º I go to the design view and press the create relation.
2º Select the primary key in master table.
3º Then select the foreign key in the other table.
4º Finally appears one pop up window asking me if i want to create relation.
5º I click create and here is the problem one blank pop up appears and nothing happens and the relation isn't created.

Can anyone help me solving this trouble?

If i try to build relationships using other method like relationship view i can create relations.

Before trying with xampp 1.83.3 i already try with xampp 1.82 in other windows installation and the same problem happens.
I already try to install xampp 1.82 in other pc the same thing happens.

Any help will be appreciated!
Jack Baeur
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Re: relationships using desiner mode

Postby JJ_Tagy » 02. April 2014 14:00

Try another browser like IE to see if it is the same. If you are on localhost, you may need to check intranet compatibility settings.
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