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Need Help Making LOCALHOST Public

PostPosted: 01. April 2014 22:17
by criticalera
Ok, so I have successfully installed xampp, forwarded the necessary ports, and I can see it working internally.....i can see the pages perfectly by typing my external IP but once I try with an outside pc.....I get a response error 502 Bad Gateway. i already editied the xampp.conf file to allow all and still noone can see it externally.

also i found i can access the site if I use https instead of http but with a certification sure this is a simple solution for one of you guys. If i can see the site with https and not http then i am really close.
please someone help me.


Re: Need Help Making LOCALHOST Public

PostPosted: 02. April 2014 04:32
by Altrea
=> [INFO] How to not fail getting help here (Section "Scope of support")
Evaluate if your topic is in scope of support of our board. We don't want to provide... for live, production or public accessible environments.
XAMPP is not configurated for such environments (default passwords, many activated and probably unnecessary modules, not tweaked for performance, scalability, stability or security). This board does have several entrys about hacked XAMPP installations because of using unprotected XAMPP installations in not supported environments. XAMPP don't want to fit every possible use case and there are other (also free) alternatives for such environments.