Hopefully a simple xampp/apache question

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Hopefully a simple xampp/apache question

Postby corespeed » 27. March 2014 19:50

I am helping a friend learn to do some work and setup an apache server for him and used xampp. The problem (if it is even a problem) is that I cannot access the Xampp admin page now that has all of the handy links to the php admin etc.

The example here is,

In httpd.conf they set the root to xampp/htdocs/websiteherefolder/

So if I go to the url it serves from xampp/htdocs/websiteherefolder/

I can get to localhost/security and get the security page but I do not know how to get it so I can browse to the admin page.

I want to be able to just go to localhost/admin or domain/admin it reach that page.
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Re: Hopefully a simple xampp/apache question

Postby Altrea » 28. March 2014 07:55

Why did you edit the default DocumentRoot and not define virtual hosts?
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