DB field references file on network

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DB field references file on network

Postby BGUYSQUARED » 26. March 2014 19:31

Currently I'm using -- Portable XAMPP. Accessing the local host.

Is there a way for me to set a field as a shortcut to information in a file (like excel) or a whole file on the network?

I'm trying to set up a PHP site whereby I can quickly reference information that is randomly dispersed across several drives on the network. (The place I work is very disorganized.)

Use a drop down menu to select a name.

This presents a new drop down menu for last name which possesses the chosen first name.

This presents a new drop down menu for project number.

In the end I want to be able to submit all of this (dynamic?) information and have all of the information and relevant files presented together based on previous choices.

I need to be able to manually input the location of these files which will vary dramatically. Obviously these files may disappear, but then I will have to adjust my reference pointers accordingly.

I don't want to make copies of any of this data. My company will be upset if I take any of the data, so in effect all of the file references will be unusable when not connected to the network, and a computer with the correct network mapping.

(Ex. Example.txt is located in the J: drive (which is server //server1) @ J:/stuff/example.txt-Hardcode to that location. If another user accesses the form and their //server1 is mapped to K: then it will not work).

Eventually I will change to code to select the drive letter, so others can use it. Until then I am creating this tool to enhance my personal efficiency.

Any questions? Please ask.

Thanks for any help!
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