This are the Instructions to Install Oauth in XAMPP .dll

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This are the Instructions to Install Oauth in XAMPP .dll

Postby IberoMedia » 15. March 2014 07:34


I struggled finding information about where and how to install the Oauth module to my XAMPP Windows 7 installation. By reading posts from here and there, I figured how to do it. I write these instructions hoping they will remind me of the process in the future, as well as as help others achieve it quickly.

To install the Oauth module you will need two things:
    1) file: php_oauth.dll
    2) change your php.ini configuration file


    I preface the link to the very folder from which I downloaded the file that worked for me, with the intention that this information will help any reader figure how to find the best version for his/her system as well other information that may help them find helpful information in case they run into trouble.

    I believe is THE source for core php files; in other words, since the website is hosted and maintained by the group of people who make php possible for us, I trust code hosted and provided from their site. Having said this, hosts a repository of files built (compiled) specifically for window users. provides dowloads, documentation and other important information about PHP for windows.

    Downloads for PHP Windows can be found here:

    However, Oauth is an extension of PHP, and due to the process through which it came to be, this extension is categorized as part of PECL "The PHP Extension Community Library (PECL) is a repository for PHP Extensions, providing a directory of all known extensions and hosting facilities for downloading and development of PHP extensions."[1] Hence, Windows PHP PECL extensions are hosted here: (note the diference between and )

    I directory to Windows PHP compiled extensions can be found here:

    In this directory, we can see a link to the oauth repository:

    As I write this post (03/14/2014 - mm/dd/yyyy), this repository provides links to two different versions of the extensions:

    Here is where you will have to do your own investigations (trial & error) to determine which version works for you XAMPP installation. The files posted for you to download in these links are compressed to .zip format.

    The syntax of the filenames:

    The syntax of the filenames will guide you to determine what version if the most likely file to work with your XAMPP install. It is structured like this:


    Again, the parts of this syntax will help you determine what file will(? I am not 100% sure) work with your install.

    For example, the file that work for me was called

    php_oauth = php_{extension-name}
    1.2.3 = {version-of_extension}
    5.4 = {PHP-version}
    ts = {thread-type}
    vc9 = {some-vc#-code}
    x86 = {operating-system-bit-sise}

    I cannot tell you which version is the right one. As I mentioned above, I found repositories to two different versions. However, below I write how you can figure out other pieces of the puzzle to determine which file to download.

    From your XAMPP folder open file XAMPP/readme_en.txt

    This file contains all of the information you need. At the top of this file you will find the versions, and specifications, of each component of XAMPP.

    The important line for us is, and in my case:
    Code: Select all
     + PHP 5.4.25 (VC9 X86 32bit [b]thread safe[/b]) + PEAR

    This line is telling me the following:

    {PHP-version} = 5.4
    {thread-type} = thread safe = ts
    {some-vc#-code} = VC9 = vc9
    {operating-system-bit-sise} = X86 32bit = x86

    Again, the file I downloaded was

    Other files are named:

    The important thing to note, is the variation in thread type, and os bit size.

    TS vs. NTS:

      ts means thread safe, and NTS means none thread safe. For a thorough discussion of what each of these means read this post:
    x86 vs. x64:

      Remember the line that will indicate to the information you need: + PHP 5.4.25 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR

      If you have Windows 64bits, but your XAMPP install is + PHP 5.4.25 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR, the you need files with syntax x86 . Actually, I am not sure, but I suspect that all XAMPP versions up to date are X86 32bit.
INSTALLATION (at last... lol):

    Unzip the file you downloaded the zip which corresponds to your configuration. There are many files inside this folder, and for the installation purposes, the only file we care about is called php_oauth.dll

    Copy and paste this file to XAMPP/php/ext ( in this folder you will see many other .dll files)

    Now, we need to configure PHP to include include this extension @ runtime. Open file XAMPP/php/php.ini, and add this line:


    Turn your server off. Restart server. If you get no alerts from your XAMPP control panel, you may load a phpinfo(); file and search for OAuth. If all is working well, you will see this:


I hope this post is helpful. I have written instructions according to my own search/find/trial/error experience. If I have made a mistake, please provide feedback with solutions. If you have better information, please post it here or on another place, but be sure is accessible to the XAMPP community. I am not a PHP expert, and I struggled to find information and trustworthy code sources; this is why I felt other XAMPP users may struggle too. Hence, here I've consolidated the info...


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Re: This are the Instructions to Install Oauth in XAMPP .dll

Postby farukhannan » 19. September 2015 16:56

Dear IberoMedia , thank you very much. I was struggling for a two days for installing Oauth in my xampp. But i found that my version was ts but i was trying with nts :) . Your step by step suggestion was really helpful. its ok now.
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