Working with WP

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Working with WP

Postby johanvos » 14. March 2014 16:57

I installed XAMPP and read the instructions carefully.
But I must have done something wrong.

If I make a fake php, such as in the FAQ
<? php
echo 'Hello World';
and place it in the htdocs,
with http://localhost/test.php it works fine.

But if I have a whole page in wordpress htdocs/new/ and try
I get the familiar;
The website can not display the page

What can I possibly do wrong?

regards Johan Vos
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Re: Working with WP

Postby Nobbie » 14. March 2014 20:31

This seems to be a WordPress issue, not a Xampp issue. I know that WordPress is doing some redirections etc. in .htaccess, so you should ask this one in a WordPress forum.
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