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Localhost not found

PostPosted: 25. February 2014 16:51
by Lenora
Hello, I just installed XAMPP on my laptop but I can't open the localhost on any browser. I already used it at school, but at home it doesn't seem to work. My operating sistem is Windows 7 home edition, the version of XAMMP running is xampp-win32-1.8.2-4-VC9. I'm running it as administrator, and I already changed port 80 to port 8080, but still it doesn't work. What can I do?


16:51:10 [main] Initializing Control Panel
16:51:10 [main] Windows Version: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
16:51:10 [main] XAMPP Version: 1.8.2
16:51:10 [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.1 [ Compiled: May 7th 2013 ]
16:51:10 [main] Running with Administrator rights - good!
16:51:10 [main] XAMPP Installation Directory: "c:\xampp\"
16:51:10 [main] Checking for prerequisites
16:51:11 [main] All prerequisites found
16:51:11 [main] Initializing Modules
16:51:11 [main] Starting Check-Timer
16:51:11 [main] Control Panel Ready
16:51:14 [Apache] Attempting to start Apache app...
16:51:15 [Apache] Status change detected: running
16:51:21 [mysql] Attempting to start MySQL app...
16:51:22 [mysql] Status change detected: running

Re: Localhost not found

PostPosted: 25. February 2014 17:12
by Altrea
for port 80 try:

for port 8080

Re: Localhost not found

PostPosted: 25. February 2014 17:19
by Lenora
Thank you very much!