MySQL and Apache don't start

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MySQL and Apache don't start

Postby Flanzo » 23. February 2014 23:42

Hi everybody,
i have installed xampp without problems, but when i've launched MySQL it doesn't work. it say Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.
I paste you also the error log:
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled.
2014-02-23 22:05:25 26a8 InnoDB: Warning: Using innodb_additional_mem_pool_size is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the option innodb_use_sys_malloc and with the InnoDB's internal memory allocator.
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Using atomics to ref count buffer pool pages
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: The InnoDB memory heap is disabled
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use Windows interlocked functions
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.3
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Not using CPU crc32 instructions
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 16.0M
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [Note] InnoDB: Highest supported file format is Barracuda.
2014-02-23 22:05:25 26a8 InnoDB: Operating system error number 87 in a file operation.
InnoDB: Some operating system error numbers are described at
InnoDB: ... codes.html
2014-02-23 22:05:25 4760 [ERROR] InnoDB: File C:\xampp\mysql\data\ib_logfile0: 'aio read' returned OS error 187. Cannot continue operation

It was happened also with Apache (not with the same log obviously) in the first launch of Xampp, but after a few of minutes it started. So i don't know how and why, please help me.
P.S.: i'm a noob for this things such as programming, so speak with me with an elementary language please.
Thank you very much

[EDIT by Altrea: splitted from original topic: not a control panel problem]
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Re: MySQL and Apache don't start

Postby Altrea » 23. February 2014 23:55

We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

It's like porn for programmers 8)
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Re: MySQL and Apache don't start

Postby Flanzo » 24. February 2014 11:22

ok, sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you!
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Re: MySQL and Apache don't start

Postby baerbel » 05. July 2014 17:07

I just tried to install XAMPP and I have the same Problem as just mentioned with the same log. I do not understand the solution, can you help me? Thanks!
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Re: MySQL and Apache don't start

Postby khanivour » 18. July 2014 07:52

As per last note in the MySQL paged linked, adding the line:


to my my.ini (in my xampp/mysql/bin folder) fixed the issue.
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