Web page 'applications.html' won't display

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Web page 'applications.html' won't display

Postby RobWheeler » 21. February 2014 12:16

This is in some ways a trivial problem but as I can't work out why its happening I'm concerned it might have an effect on other aspects on my installation.

I have just made a fresh install of XAMPP version 1.8.2. on Windows 7. I had to change the port numbers as 80 wasn't working but with the new ports the installation displays simple pages OK. I ran some test pages to check the display, including the applications.html file provided with the installation... http://localhost:8080/applications.html. However for some reason this page will not display and I get a 'web page not available message'. The odd thing is that if rename the page to say 'application.html' or 'applicationx.html' or 'applicationss.html' it works fine. It seems that XAMPP just objects to this one name 'applications.html'. Any ideas why this should be and whether it has implications for other file names?

Thanks. Rob Wheeler
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Re: Web page 'applications.html' won't display

Postby Altrea » 21. February 2014 13:53

naming and requesting a page applications.html is working fine on my test environment containing XAMPP 1.8.2-3
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Re: Web page 'applications.html' won't display

Postby orangeworx » 28. February 2015 23:00

Same issue here, tried a whole bunch of things like loading the applications.html from the nav menu in XAMPP 5.6.3 by right clicking and opening in another window/tab... different browser, restarting apache/computer, editing applications.html which shows bitnami installs but just simply doesn't display them within the XAMPP dashboard/iframe. When opening the html file directly in a browser, i can see the content. Also as OP stated, renaming to whatever works so I accepted this as a workaround.
I'm thinking maybe a cached version somehow/somewhere but searching my computer for applications.html only gave the file in question as result.
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