Please help me on the error "Cannot Select Database"

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Please help me on the error "Cannot Select Database"

Postby kimohana » 09. February 2014 15:04

I cannot open my page from Dreamweaver on the server.
When I render, it keeps appearing "cannot select database"
What I should do to fix this error?

Xampp version: 1.8.3-2
My operating system: Window 8.1 Pro (64bit)
Installing in: local Disk (C:)
Current port (Apache httpd-ssl.conf): 440
Xampp control panel can start running properly.
But I cannot render the webpage...
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Re: Please help me on the error "Cannot Select Database"

Postby Altrea » 09. February 2014 15:52

kimohana wrote:"cannot select database"

We don't know anything about the code so i can just guess that your database name you are trying to connect to does not exists.
This is no official mysql error message. If you are developing a script you should output full error messages with help of the mysql(i) error functions.
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