downloading xampp portable

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downloading xampp portable

Postby mullahlite » 29. January 2014 22:08

Hi All. I already have xampp on my computer - that works fine but seems to be throwing a spanner in the works when I try downloading xampp portable to a usb. During the installation process it says it may not download properly and also mentions antivirus software on my computer. I did carry on and finish the installation before but surprise surprise the control panel gave an error message. The error message was that the problem may be because of Skype using the same port and suggested I try a different port - I did that but it didn`t work. Then I thought I would try using the xampp portable on a different computer without the full version xampp already downloaded but that did not work. For the portable version, I did use a folder on the usb so there should not have been a problem. Anyway my next plan is to download xampp lite on a different computer without the full version xampp already on it so hopefully that might work. That said, I am definitely open to suggestions ... hope someone can help.
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Re: downloading xampp portable

Postby gshaw » 29. January 2014 23:51

Skype uses port 80 by default. If it gets in first it prevents apache using port 80. Completely exit skype (on a win 7 machine you need to go to the taksbar and right click/quit the skype icon). Then install xampp, and set apache to run as a service. You can then restart skype and it will use another port. Hopefully when you restart Apache will start as a service before skype and you will have no problems.

Alternatively force Skype to not use port 80 and 443: In skype | options | advanced | connection untick the "use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections". This should also solve the problem.
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